How to Build Robots With Household Items

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Things You'll Need

  • Scrap parts

  • Old kitchen gadgets

  • Hot glue

  • Wire

A homemade robot can still be functional even if it's not functioning.

Build your very own "robot" from household items collecting dust in your home. These cute little scrap robots make a creatve rainy day project for children. You can also collect parts for your purely decorative robot at thrift stores and yard sales. Old kitchen gadgets, radios and camera parts can all be turned into robot parts. Use glue and wire for assembly, and soon you'll have an army of friendly robots ready to decorate your bookshelves.


Step 1

Look for pieces with knobs and grill to make an easy robot face.

Find a head. Look for parts that seem to have "faces." Nobs that look like eyes and grills that look like mouths all make good robot parts.

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Step 2

Find a body. Look for boxy shaped items, like an old cheese grater, a metal box or an old junk camera. They can be old toys or old gadgets. Use your imagination.


Step 3

Look for arms and legs. These can be made from any sort of tubing, wire or even silverware. They do not have to be functional -- they only need to get the idea across that they are robot arms. Choose sturdy items for the legs if you want the robot to be able to stand. You can also put wheels on the bottom, or nothing at all.

Step 4

Assemble your robot using hot glue or by wiring the parts together.


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