How to Make Great Coffee in French Press with Fresh Ground Whole Bean Coffee

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Making the best cup of coffee you've ever tasted is easy, using a French Press coffee making process. Once you've tasted a steaming cup of Java made with whole bean fresh ground coffee and filtered water, you'll never go back to drinking that stale grocery store pre-ground coffee from a can, brewed in the old stand-by drip coffee maker.


Things You'll Need

  • Coffee Measuring Scoop

  • Microwave Or Tea Kettle

  • Measuring Cup

  • French Press Coffee Maker

  • Whole Bean Coffee

  • Coffee Grinder

  • Filtered Water

Step 1

Whole Bean Coffee

Get out your favorite whole bean coffee from the grocery store or your favorite local coffee roaster. Measure one level scoop (table spoon - per 10 ounce sized mug of coffee) of whole coffee beans into coffee grinder. (More or less beans to taste.) Use the coffee grinder to grind the whole beans to a medium to slightly coarse grind. This coarse grind prevents finely ground beans from passing through the screen of the french press and leaving fine grounds in the bottom of your cup.


Step 2

Supplies for Making French Press Coffee

Use a measuring cup and pour about 12 ounces of clean filtered water and put it into the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes (microwave power varies - some have beverage settings). You can also heat water in a tea kettle or boil it in an open sauce pan, taking care not to boil away too much of the water.


Step 3

French Press coffee maker Plunger

Pour the fresh ground beans into the bottom of the dry French Press coffee maker and then slowly pour the heated water over the ground beans. Gently place the screened plunger into the carafe and lower it until it is resting atop the coffee grounds. Push it down about an eighth inch or just enough to submerge all the coffee grounds in the hot water and then stop the plunger. Don't worry if the water remains light colored for a minute or so. It takes time to brew.


Step 4

Wait about 2 minutes for the coffee to steep, then very slowly push the plunger down as far as it will go into the carafe. Being gentle is important so that the grounds don't slip past the edges of the plunger screen when you use too much force and push too quickly. You should see a rich medium to dark colored brew in the French Press now that the plunger is at the bottom.

Step 5

While holding down the plunger and the lid of the French Press, pour the freshly brewed coffee into your favorite coffee mug and get ready to enjoy the best coffee you've ever tasted. There may be some fine grounds that make it through the plunger screen, so don't drink the last sip from the cup if you want to avoid them.


Buying whole bean coffee is not as difficult as it may seem. There are lots of choices, but if you buy from the local coffee shop, they'll let you taste test the coffee of the day. If you like that roast, buy it. You'll soon learn which you prefer. Even whole beans from huge discount stores are better than pre-ground coffee in a can. You can't go wrong buying whole bean coffee. Learn what you like in an unflavored coffee before you try those flavored blends like hazelnut or mint which are popular around the holidays. Use clean filtered water for your coffee. The water can make or break your French Press coffee. If you don't like the taste of your local water, try using bottled water to make coffee.


Be careful with the hot water as you heat and pour. Clean the French Press carafe with water only - no soap, then dry parts, including plunger, with a paper towel to remove the oily residue. Soap residue can destroy the taste of your coffee.