How to Plan Water Party Games for Toddlers

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Things You'll Need

  • Jumping rope

  • Sprinkler

  • Sunscreen

  • Beach ball

  • 4 buckets

  • 1 empty cup

  • 1 quart warm water

  • 1 cup granulated soap

  • Food coloring

  • Small juice cans

  • Plastic straws

Plan Water Party Games for Toddlers

Water parties are fun to have for both you and your toddler party guests. They offer a myriad of fun games and an excellent way for you to get some relief from the heat on those wickedly hot summer days.


Step 1

Have a fun tug-of-war game over a sprinkler. Divide the toddlers into two teams and have them stand at opposite ends of a jump rope. Position the sprinkler in the middle of the rope. Supervise the kids to attempt to drag each other over the sprinkler. The losing team gets wet, but everyone has fun.

Step 2

Turn on some music and let the kids limbo dance their way under the jet from a hose sprayer. Lower the hose just as you would the limbo rod, and losers get wet amongst laughs and fun.


Step 3

Spread a thin coat of sunscreen on each child's hands, then give them a wet beach ball to bounce back and forth over the sprinkler to each other. This game is not only challenging, but also an excellent way of developing coordination.

Step 4

Dissolve 1 cup of granulated soap into 1 qt. warm water.

Step 5

Stir in some food coloring in a color of your choice. Vary the amount to your liking depending on the intensity of color that you want.


Step 6

Blow bubbles for your little guests to chase around and pop.

Step 7

Give each of your toddler guests a can filled up to a third way up with the bubble solution, as well as a straw to blow bubbles.

Step 8

Fill two buckets with water and set them 2 yards apart. Place two empty buckets a few feet away from them, an equal distance. Each empty bucket should be in line with one of the water-filled buckets. The toddlers will be running between the two buckets, so keep their ages in mind so they are not too far apart.


Step 9

Divide the toddlers into two groups, and have them line up in two rows. Place a bucket of water at the head of each line, and have the first the first toddler in line fill a cup with water.

Step 10

Have the first two toddlers run or walk to the empty bucket and pour the water in, and then run or walk back and hand the cup to the next child in line.

Step 11

Let each of the children repeat the action in Step 3. The first team to fill their empty bucket wins.

Step 12

Keep in mind that distance is important, but you do not want to discourage them by having the buckets too far apart.


Food coloring can stain household surfaces, so take care when mixing your bubble solution.