How to Remove Links From Watch Bands

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Remove links in a link watch to adjust its size.

You've found the perfect watch, but it doesn't quite fit your wrist. With cloth wrist bands or leather bands, you'd have to keep buying them over and over again as they wear, but the great perk about watches with links is you can simply remove the extra links.


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Step 1

Measure the watch band's length. Every wrist size is different, and there's no need to remove all of the links when you may only need to remove one or two. Putting the watch around your wrist and pinching each link around it to see how much room you need gives you a reasonable estimate.

Step 2

Open the watch near the link you want to remove. Link watches have several openings, so even if you open the wrong clasp, it can always be reattached.

Step 3

Flick the tip of your fingernail inside the clasp to open the extra links. Continue doing so until you have removed all of the links that are making the watch too big for your wrist. If you have short fingernails, try using tweezers or anything with a sharp edge that can easily unfasten a link. New watches tend to be very stiff, so it may take a little nudging, but the links come off. It will be obvious which ones come off and which ones don't by looking at the back of the watch band. The links that come off have a claw on the tip of each one and sometimes have the brand name on top.


Step 4

Put the extra links in a safe place. There may come a time that you either let someone else borrow the watch or your wrist swells and you need these links again.


If you can't get the links to open, visit a jewelry repair store. Workers there may be willing to help you adjust your watch for free. If you bought the watch from a retail store, the jewelry counter may be required to adjust your watch for no additional cost.