How to Plan a Frozen T-Shirt Game

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Add a little chill to a hot summer party with this frozen T-shirt game. The goal of the game is straightforward -- the first person who unfolds and puts on his frozen T-shirt wins. The good news for parents is that this game requires very little prep and gives the kids something unique to do for a long time. Just keep in mind that you have to prepare for this the night before the kids play the game.


Step 1

Take a bunch of old T-shirts from your closets, enough so that there is one for every kid who is going to play the game. Use old shirts because sometimes they can rip when frozen during the game.


Step 2

Soak the shirts in water and wring them out. You don't want too much excess water or the game will take over an hour as the shirts will stay frozen solid.

Step 3

Flatten out the shirts and fold each one neatly into a small square like you would if you were putting them away in a drawer. Press down to squeeze out even more water.


Step 4

Put the T-shirts in the freezer overnight. At game time, take out the T-shirts and hand one to each player. Instruct the guests that whoever gets her T-shirt on first wins. It will be up to the kids to figure out how to warm the shirts.