How to Replace Mobile Home Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • New door

  • Screwdriver

  • Screws

  • Reversible drill

  • Drill bits

  • Putty tape

How to Replace Mobile Home Doors. If you own a mobile home, you're no stranger to the fact that exterior doors can get damaged easily. Replace the front door on your mobile home yourself in a few simple steps and save repair costs. With a bit of planning and a few supplies, your mangy old door will be replaced by a shiny new one to greet your visitors in style.


Step 1

Measure the height and width of your door. Most mobile home doors correspond to preset sizes, so this shouldn't pose a problem for homeowners. Go to a mobile home supplier to buy your new door to be sure it fits mobile home specifications.

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Step 2

Note the door hinge location. You'll need to know if it's on the left or right side of the door before buying and putting in your new mobile home door. Also, decide whether you want a new lock or a door with a window. Check your old door to see if it's already drilled for a deadbolt lock. Purchase drill bits to create holes if it doesn't.


Step 3

Buy all the supplies to replace your door. You'll need to go to a mobile home supplier to purchase putty tape because big box home improvement stores don't carry it.

Step 4

Remove the screws on your old door, and then lift the door out from the frame. Scrape any old putty from the frame. Place putty tape around the new door flanges, and then take off the paper backing. Keep the door straight and fit it in the frame.


Step 5

Fit in the remaining screws. Once you're sure the door fits evenly in the frame, finish placing the rest of the screws. Use the right amount of pressure when drilling them in or it may damage the aluminum siding. Install a deadbolt lock on your mobile home door as a safety precaution if you wish.


Use a leveling tool, like a carpenter's level, to ensure that the door fits inside the frame exactly before drilling in screws. If you have one of the few doors with unusual dimensions, you can always increase the opening to fit the ready-made door or cut the door to fit a smaller space.


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