How to Keep Bees From Apple Trees

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Bees can be an annoyance. However, bees are helpful to tress and flowers. They pollinate the seeds to make more tress and plants flourish. Nevertheless, they can be dangerous if you are trying to pick your apples and you have swarms of these little creatures flying around. There are some things that you can do to keep bees away from your apple trees. In a few simple steps, you will learn how to keep bees from apple trees.


Step 1

Purchase bee traps. Honey bee and wasp traps are safe for the environment, non-toxic and simple to setup. This may alleviate any daily spraying you may have to do. "Beehive Wasp Trap Set" is a bright yellow container that sugar water is added to. You can hang this from your apple tree and get rid of the bees that are swarming around. "Reusable Wasp Trap" is a glass container that is inescapable for honey bees, wasps and yellow jackets. You add bait to the glass container, then hang it in your tree and you will be relieved of the bees plaguing your apple trees.


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Step 2

Buy sprays that are non-toxic to small animals, humans or the fruit. Fruit Tree Spray is an organic spay that can be used to keep several types of insects at bay, inculding bees. "Bonide" Spider & Ground Bee Killer is a dust that can be placed on your tree to kill bees and other bothersome insects. This product has an applicator to be able to place higher up in the apple tree.


Step 3

Use household items. Dryer fabric softeners are a natural repellent for bees. Hang them in the apple tree and the bees will not make a nest or go near your tasty apples. Vinegar or other non-sweet kitchen item is a great method in controlling the bees near your apple tree. Spray the trees with a mixture of vinegar and a small amount of water. The sweet apple smell will be masked and the bees will stay clear.


Remember to wash your apples thoroughly after they are picked and before they are eaten. This is especially true when you use sprays or other household items to keep bees from apple trees.


Avoid poisons or pesticides. These can be harmful to the fruit as well as small animals that may enjoy your garden. Rabbits, cats and moles can be harmed by these products.


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