How to Make & Fold Table Tents

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock

  • Printer

  • Computer

  • MS Word or Graphics Program

  • Rubber Cement or Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

Table Tents are small, free-standing signs that have many uses. Often, they are used on restaurant tables to advertise special meals or drinks or even upcoming events. Hostesses use them on the dining table as place cards, and brides may even use them as thank-you cards at each guest's place setting. They may be color-coordinated for the event and may contain designs or photos. Table Tents may also be engraved by a printer or made on a color copier. In addition, they may be embellished with ribbon, glitter, silk flowers, beads or pearls.


Step 1

Decide what size you want your table tents to be. If you wish to them to be about 4-by- 4 1/4 inches, you can make two of them from an 8 1/2-by-11 inch sheet of cardstock. Be sure that the cardstock will feed through your printer.

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Step 2

In Word or other graphics program, set the paper in portrait mode. Set the top and bottom margins at 1 1/2 inches. Set the side margins at one-half inch each.


Step 3

Set the document to show two columns, and each column should have one-half inch margins on the right and on the left. That means that the center of the page will have a total 1-inch margin, or one-half inch for the left column and one-half inch for the right column.

Step 4

Find the number of lines in the document, and divide it by two. That is where the horizontal fold will be. Your text will be contained beneath this "middle line." Type your text in the lower sector (beneath the middle line) of each column. Look at it in "print preview" mode, and adjust text so that you have sufficient blank space above and below the text.


Step 5

Print the page. Fold back 1 1/2 inches along the top edge of the page, and fold back 1 1/2 inches along the bottom of the page. Fold back the page along the horizontal center line. Measure the page from right to left, and find the center. Cut along this line (top to bottom of the page) so that you have two identical long pieces of paper.


Step 6

Ensure that each tent is folded along the center horizontal line. Unfold the bottom 1 1/2 inch margin of the tent. Apply some rubber cement (or use a glue stick) along the lowest half inch. Bend the back of the top margin over the glue-covered edge of the bottom margin and press. These 1 1/2-inch top and bottom margins now form the base of the table tent.


Print a test version on regular printer paper before printing on cardstock to ensure margins and text are where they should be.


Avoid using watery glue as it may cause the paper to buckle, causing the table tent to sit crooked.


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