How to Do Sand Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Pre-colored sand

  • Clear bottles with tops

  • Funnel (optional)

  • Craft glue

  • Spoon

  • Wooden skewer

  • Containers filled with sand if you are creating your own Colors

  • Food coloring

Do Sand Art

Sand art is a fun craft, and you can often purchase pre-made sand art at art and craft festivals, carnivals and fairs. But sand art is also a fun activity you can make on your own or with your children. You can set a table up outdoors, at the park, or for a girl scout or other activity. Children and even teens love making them, as do many adults. You can buy colored sand, or make your own with sand and food coloring in different colors. The choice is yours.


Step 1

Select bottles of any size or shape to make your sand art project. You can find some really different and unique bottles and jars at second hand stores and garage sales. Or, use empty bottles and jars from home or purchase bottles at craft stores.

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Step 2

If you choose to make your own colored sand, put the sand into bowls or other containers and add food coloring. You can mix colors to create unique shades or one color. Mix the sand well and let it dry before creating your sand art.

Step 3

Carefully pour one layer of sand at a time into your bottle. You can pour the sand directly from the bag if you purchased the colored sands, or use a funnel if you made your own. Your child may find it less awkward to pour use a funnel as well.


Step 4

You can create your own layered design or try a classic technique.

Step 5

In order to create a diagonal layer, hold your bottle or jar at an angle and slowly pour in the layers. Once the jar is full, with any number of layers you chose and any width or color combination the diagonal layers will remain, even if you turn the jar or bottle upright.


Step 6

When you or your child finishes the sand art project(s) put a thin layer of glue around the inside edge of the bottle or jar and the bottle cap, then screw it or snap it on tightly and wipe off any glue that squeezes out.

Step 7

You can also create what is called an "argyle sock design." Fill your jar with a a layer of sand, then use a spoon to bore a pocket in in the sand against the side of the jar. Fill the pocket with another color of sand, then adding the next horizontal layer, repeating the process until your jar is full.


Step 8

A more complicated pattern is the feathered look. It is also a pattern that is more difficult to make, and probably too challenging if you have a young child. Made two horizontal layers of sand, place a wooden skewer against the side of the jar and poke it down through the layers. Pull the skewer out slowly and repeat the process around the inside of the bottle or jar, repeating the process after adding each layer as you fill the jar.


Step 9

The options for color and design are endless and you can always have your child(ren) do sand art on a rainy day indoors at home for a bright and colorful activity.


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