How to Build a Lincoln Log Cabin

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How to Build a Lincoln Log Cabin. Lincoln Logs sets are available in most stores that sell children's toys and craft supplies. They have been around for many years. These small wooden logs, pre-notched to fit together, make building forms easy and enjoyable. Building a cabin out of Lincoln Logs is a traditional favorite and a great project for children.


Step 1

Work on a flat surface. You need this for the base of your cabin. If you are working on a carpeted floor, put down a piece of sturdy cardboard before you begin.

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Step 2

Select the pieces that have a flat side. These make the first row. A foundation must be solid, and the flat-sided pieces make a sturdy base.

Step 3

Prepare four of these flat-sided bases. Make the front, then a side, then the back and finish with the last side piece. You should now have one layer for each cabin wall-sort of an open box.


Step 4

Build it up one row at a time. Once you finish the first full row, go to the next and make a row all of the way around before going further. The reason to do one full set at a time is that you need to lock the logs into place with one another using the notches on the logs.

Step 5

Stack the logs as high as you want on the walls that have no windows.

Step 6

Use the small log pieces to make short walls and leave a window opening. To do this, add another short piece a little way from the last one. Now you need to leave a space for the door. Build up until you have the right height walls and use longer pieces to finish the window and door openings.

Step 7

Make use of the pre-made roofs, windows and other optional pieces included in your set.


Do not use glue as you want to be able to reuse the Lincoln Logs.