How to Make Alcohol-Based Fragrance Lamp Oil

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Effusion oil lamps are a good alternative to candles because of the strong fragrance they emit and the clean burn the oil provides. Unfortunately, fragrance lamp oil can be very expensive to purchase, costing upwards of $25 per bottle of name-brand oil, at the time of publication. Instead of paying these high prices, make your own alcohol-based fragrance lamp oil and save the extra money.


Essential oils.
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Benefits of Making Fragrance Oil

Not only is making your own fragrance oil cheaper than purchasing brand-name bottles of oil, it also gives you the freedom of mixing essential oils and fragrances to suit your specific tastes. You can tweak it, using different oils and scents until you find your favorite combination. All the ingredients you need can be found at your local health foods store and drugstore. Make sure to purchase isopropyl alcohol, not rubbing alcohol. Only isopropyl alcohol will burn cleanly and help to purify the air.


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Things You'll Need

  • 16-ounce bottle of isopropyl alcohol

  • Distilled water

  • Essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, etc.)

  • Measuring spoons

  • Gloves

  • Bottle with tight-fitting lid


Step 1: Put on a pair of latex gloves to protect your hands from the strong scents of the oils and alcohol.

Step 2: Open the bottle of isopropyl alcohol. If there is room left at the top of the bottle to add ingredients, proceed to step 3. If not, pour out a half-ounce of the alcohol to allow room for the water.


Step 3: Measure out 1/2 ounce of distilled water and add it to the alcohol.

Step 4: Choose which essential oil or essential oils you would like to add to the alcohol. Add roughly a teaspoon of essential oil per 1-ounce bottle, either a full teaspoon of a single oil, such as lavender, or a combination of oils as long as it measures 1 teaspoon.


Step 5: Replace the lid on the alcohol and gently shake the ingredients together to mix them.

Step 6: Remove the lid again and smell the alcohol mixture. If it's not strong enough, add a couple more drops of oil. Different brands of essential oils have different strengths.

Step 7: Place the lid back on your oil until you are ready to use it.


If you like trying different scents, divide the recipe in half and store the oil in mason jars so you can mix two different scents out of one bottle of alcohol.


Make sure to store your finished fragrance oil in a container with a tightly fitting lid. If exposed to the air, the alcohol will evaporate.



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