How to Grow a Sweet Potato Vine

Things You'll Need

  • Sweet potato
  • Toothpicks
  • Jar or mug
  • Water
  • Pot
  • Soil
Grow a Sweet Potato Vine
Grow a Sweet Potato Vine

Sweet potatoes, are actually related to morning glories and can sprout a quick growing vine that will trail beautifully where you train it. Grow a sweet potato vine in a container on your porch or patio, or plant one in a pot right in your house.

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Step 1

Choose a firm sweet potato from the produce section of your grocery store or the local farmer's market. If you find one that has started sprouting, even better.

Step 2

Poke four toothpicks into the sweet potato in a cross shape (one on each side) a little over halfway up the sweet potato.

Step 3

Fill a mug or jar with water and place the sweet potato in. The toothpicks should suspend the top half of the sweet potato, keeping that half dry.

Step 4

Place in a sunny spot and change the water as needed. After several weeks, the vines and leaves will begin to grow.

Step 5

Plant your sprouting sweet potato in a pot with soil or in your garden after six to eight weeks. The leaves are beautiful and your plant might even grow some sweet potatoes for you to eat.


  • Plant sprouted sweet potatoes in May and you can dig up yummy tubers in the fall.

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