How to Pour Without Spilling

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A perfect pour should not spill drops on the table as you stop pouring.
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A drink poured without any spills makes you look like an accomplished host and keeps crisp table linens looking their best. The first inclination might be to pour the drink slowly and carefully -- after all, this practice is usually the best way to prevent messes. When it comes to pouring juice, wine, champagne, tea and other beverages, a slower pour equals a bigger mess.


A Quick Pour

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Hold the pitcher, bottle or pot in your dominant hand, the pouring hand, so you have better control over the pour. The goal is to pour without spilling any of the contents. Hold a towel under the neck or spout with your non-dominant hand so you can quickly catch any drips before they hit the table or counter. Tilt the pitcher, bottle or pot over to pour the contents into the glass or cup. Begin the pour quickly and follow through quickly. Watch the level carefully and stop pouring abruptly when it reaches the desired level. As you straighten the container to stop pouring, twist it slightly toward your body to catch the last few drips and send them back down the neck. Twisting is not practical with teapots, but you can tilt the pot backward slightly so the liquid runs back down the spout.

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