How to Blow Saliva Bubbles

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How to Blow Saliva Bubbles. Saliva is good for many things. It wets your food as you chew and makes it easier to swallow. It helps taste buds do their job and assists in digestion. Saliva is also cheap entertainment when there is nothing better to do. Learn to blow saliva bubbles and entertain yourself and your friends with nothing but the spit in your mouth.


Step 1

Wet your lips. Sweep your tongue from side to side across your lips. The upper and lower lips need to be very moist before you blow the bubble.

Step 2

Sit with your mouth closed for 30 seconds. Resist the urge to swallow. Let saliva collect in your mouth.

Step 3

Push all of the collected saliva to the front of your mouth with your tongue. The saliva supply needs to rest just behind the back of your lips. Let some of the saliva seep in between your lips while they remain closed.


Step 4

Open your mouth as slowly as possible. A sheet of saliva forms between your lips as they separate. Blow very gently make the bubble. The slower you open your lips, the bigger saliva bubbles. Conversely, the faster you open your lips, the smaller your bubbles will be.


Practice in front of a mirror to improve your bubble blowing skills. Drink soda or juice before you blow saliva bubbles. Both drinks have a high sugar content that make saliva thick and sticky, which makes for better bubbles.