How to Make an Aroma Lamp

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Things You'll Need

  • Perforated ceramic or glass tea candle holder

  • Small glass bowl or tea cup plate

  • Essential oil

Aroma lamps, also sometimes referred to as fragrance oil warmers and essential oil warmers, are a simple way to diffuse the scent of essential oil into your home. Using a gentle source of heat, they warm the essential oils and allow the healing properties of those oils to be inhaled and absorbed by the body, providing aromatherapy benefits. Because essential oils are available commercially, you can also create your own aroma lamp.


Make an Aroma Lamp

Step 1

Use a perforated ceramic or glass tea candle holder with an open top through which the heat from the candle flame can rise. The perforations allow the candle to get air. It's important to select a container that is flame resistant.


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Step 2

Find a small glass bowl which can sit securely on top of the tea candle holder. Very small dessert bowls work well. Ceramic tea cup plates, which have a well in the center, can also be used. Note that the thicker the glass or ceramic, the longer it will take for the candle to heat it. Again, anything you use should be flame resistant.


Step 3

Place the tea candle in the holder, and the small glass bowl on top.

Step 4

Put 10 drops of your choice of essential oils in the glass bowl (or tea cup well), then light the candle. The heat from the candle will warm the glass (or ceramic), causing the essential oil to slowly evaporate. Add additional oil as needed.


If the oil has evaporated completely, extinguish the candle and wait for the oil-holder to cool. Then add the additional oil. Use only pure essential oils, available online and in health food stores. Synthetic oils do not have aromatherapy benefits.


Don't touch the oil-holding bowl during or just after using the lamp. The glass or ceramic can get extremely hot and you risk burning your fingers. Don't let the flame of the tea candle touch the bowl above -- there should be clearance between the flame and the container. Direct contact with flame can cause the container to crack or split, creating a fire hazard. Always use a tea candle - don't use a votive candle. Always extinguish the candle if you are leaving a room.


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