How to Clean White Golf Shoes

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Things You'll Need

  • Shoe cleaning cloths

  • Daubers or cloths for dyes or whiteners

  • Heavy duty shoe cleaner

  • Water resistant white leather shoe dye or whitener

  • Polishing cloths

  • Soft bristled shoe brush or dusting cloth

Golf is not the dirtiest sport, but golf shoes can certainly take a beating when it comes to grass stains and dirt. Since most golf shoes are leather or synthetic leather, the inevitable stains and dirt should be cleaned using cleaner specifically for leather or synthetic leather. Sporting good stores, and many shoe stores, will carry cleaner designed to remove grass stains and dirt from sport shoes. Some golf courses have motorized shoe cleaners, and these are fine to use occasionally for quick cleaning. However, your shoes will last longer if you clean them more carefully by hand.


How to Clean White Golf Shoes

Step 1

Brush off all the loose dirt with a dry shoe brush or cloth. Remember to remove as much dirt from the sole as well so that you don't accidentally transfer soil from the sole to the upper when cleaning the white area.

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Step 2

Place a small amount of shoe cleaner on an area of the shoe; clean this area a cloth. If the shoe is exceptionally soiled, you will need to change to clean cloths frequently, otherwise you will simply be spreading dirt around the shoe. Cleaning the shoe in sections assures a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to follow directions on the cleaner. Some shoe cleaners may perform better if allowed to stay on the shoe for a minute or so before you wipe them off.


Step 3

Use shoe whitener or white shoe dye to cover any remaining stains, such as grass stains, and to give the golf shoe a brighter, newer look. Work the dye or whitener in by using circular motions with a clean cloth. The purpose of this is twofold: to work the white pigment in below to the top surface so that it will last longer, and to spread the pigment uniformly over the shoe.


Step 4

Buff the shoes lightly with a soft, dry cloth. It isn't necessary to buff for shine, but buffing the shoes lightly after cleaning will help work any remaining dye into the leather.

Step 5

Allow shoes to dry completely before wearing them. Normally you should let shoes dry at least 12 to 24 hours. If humidity is high, you should at least let them dry for 24 hours before wearing them to the golf course.


For extra stubborn stains, you might have to use white leather shoe dye or whitener. To keep white golf shoes looking their best, you should occasionally use whitener anyway. Even clean white shoes will look dull and yellowed after a while of use.

Use more shoe cleaner and dye around the stitching where dirt is likely to hide.

For leather golf shoes, use a shoe conditioner on occasion to keep the leather supple.

Use a whitener that is water resistant.


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