How to Approach Neighbors About Buying Their Land

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You have a decent home and some nice land. Your land has some decent trees and a small garden, but you need more room. Your neighbors have a great landscape. This would be the perfect addition to your property. If you are interested in buying your neighbor's property, this article will show you how to approach them.


Step 1

Make sure your neighbors own the tract of land you wish to purchase. It might turn out that they are renting the land from someone who doesn't even live in the state. Or, it could be that their parents or family own the land, and they just live there.

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Step 2

Find out how long your neighbors have lived on this piece of property and why they bought the piece of land. It may be that they were interested in a short term investment purchase that they are about ready to sell. Or, they may have lived there for many years and be looking for a change of scenery. They could also be the hardcore homeowners who have lived in one house their entire lives and made it their castle. Get answers before making a fool of yourself.

Step 3

Learn about your neighbors. Discover who they are as people, such as what's important to them and what they like and dislike. This will help you when you have the discussion about buying the land.

Step 4

Let your neighbors get to know about you. Let them know what your values are, what type of people you and your family are, how well you take care of your property. Then, they will know why you would want to buy the land and that you would keep it well once you purchased it.


Step 5

Find out if your neighbors have any thoughts of selling already in mind. If so, this will make the discussion much easier to have about buying the property from them. Also, it will mean there is more of a buyer's market for you, since they already have a goal of getting the property off their hands.


Step 6

Drop hints about wanting to buy the property. Throw out feelers and see their reaction. Start by saying that you need more land, and then add in how much you like their land. Casually mention, even in a joking way, that you might like to buy their piece of property. Find out their reaction. (If the reaction is negative, you might want to spend more time warming them up to the idea before officially asking to buy the property.)


Step 7

Find out the value of the land, at least a ballpark figure. You want to know what offer to make them on the land, or when you ask what they will sell it for, you want to know if it's a reasonable amount.

Step 8

Tell your neighbors you wish to purchase the land. Make an offer for the price, or let them come up with an amount. Explain why you wish to buy the property and what it means to you. If you sensed resistance on their part earlier, you could tell them you understand what the property means to them, so they know you have an idea where they are coming from.


Whenever speaking to your neighbors about purchasing their land, read body language first. Try to make sure they are in a good mood at the time and not in a hurry to go somewhere. You'll have more chance of a positive response and a chance to talk to them if they are relaxed.


Don't pressure your neighbors once you've made an offer to buy the land. Give them the time they need to think things over.

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