How to Remove Mirror Closet Doors

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Things You'll Need

  • Work Gloves

  • Masking Tape

  • Screwdriver

  • Scraper

Mirrored closet doors are loved by some, and hated by others. While some people like the convenience of a full-length mirror and like how they make a small room appear larger, others believe they are tacky and dated. Are you tired of your old sliding mirror closet doors? Follow these steps to remove them and prepare for new closet doors.


Step 1

Cover your hands with work gloves for protection.

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Step 2

Apply masking tape to the mirror surfaces. If the mirrors happen to break during removal, the tape will trap sharp mirror pieces.


Step 3

Lift the mirrored sliding doors from the upper and lower track. The method of removal varies depending on the type of door. Some can be removed by lifting the door straight up off the track, or some might require you to hold down a small lever. You can usually see how your doors are held in the track by standing in the closet and looking at the back of the upper door track.


Step 4

Remove the screws that hold the upper and lower door tracks in place using a screwdriver.

Step 5

Remove the door tracks. If a track is stuck in place due to accumulated paint or caulking, use a screwdriver to pry the track out.

Step 6

Scrape any remaining loose paint, caulking, or other debris on the closet door frame with a scraper.


If new closet doors are not in your budget, you can change the look of your mirrored closet doors by covering the mirror with fabric or veneer. Before removing your mirrored closet doors and tracks, visit your local home improvement store to determine if they carry replacement doors that could fit your existing tracks.


Never remove mirrored doors without protecting your hands and covering the mirrored surface. Mirrors can shatter easily when bent or jolted, and the broken pieces are as sharp as broken glass.


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