How to Clean Glass Cookware

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish washing liquid

  • Ammonia

  • Chlorine bleach (Laundry bleach)

  • Vinegar (white or plain)

Knowing how to clean your good glass cookware is important. Over time, the wrong methods will make the glass all scratched up and even cloudy looking. For safe and effective cleaning, follow these tips and keep your cookware looking new.

Match the cleaning solution to the mess!

Step 1

Coffee and tea stains can be tough to get out without scrubbing. You never want to use abrasive cleansers or cloths or steel wool on glass. It will actually weaken the glass and make it more susceptible to breakage at high temperatures. To clean even longstanding stains, fill the glass piece with 2 cups of water and add 4 Tablespoons of bleach. Let it soak for half an hour. The stains should be gone.


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Step 2

Use dishwasher detergent if you don't have or can't use bleach. Put two tablespoons detergent into the pot and let it sit for half an hour. This usually works also but if the stains don't all come out, you may have to resort to the bleach.

Step 3

Clean nasty burned on messes by soaking the glassware in hot sudsy water. If that doesn't work, there are two other alternatives. Fill the pot with water and add a squirt of liquid soap to the water and bring to a rolling boil. Let it boil for three to five minutes and see if that does the trick. If you still aren't happy, try boiling a pot of water with two tablespoons of baking powder. It works great but you will have to clean the baking soda residue up if you let the water boil out--so watch it. This should bring it back to looking new.


Step 4

Clean badly burned grease with ammonia. It usually comes right out. If not, boil it with the baking soda and then use ammonia after rinsing well between steps. If you need to scour the pot even a little, make sure to use a nylon scrubber as these won't damage the glass.

Step 5

Cleaning mineral deposits off of glassware calls for full strength vinegar. Boil it for about ten minutes to get it looking good as new. Use the vinegar to freshen up your drains - pour a little down the kitchen sink, the disposal and even the bathroom sinks.


Never use an abrasive cleanser like scouring powder or a steel wool soap pad on glass. Not only will it scratch it all up, but it will weaken the glass and make it easier to break.


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