How to Smoke a Grape Vine

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How to Smoke a Grape Vine. Desperate smokers who couldn't find tobacco to roll would often resort to smoking a variety of tobacco substitutes, including grape vine. But smoking grape vine wasn't just for the desperate; it was a way for kids to imagine they were on the brink of adulthood and smoking like their parents. It may seem silly now, and not readily recommended, but it remains a nostalgic moment for people raised in the country.


Step 1

Find the right grave vine. Mustang grape vines work best, ideally dry vines less than 1/4-inch thick. The most important thing is to find a hollow vine.

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Step 2

Cut the vine and strip the leaves. Cut or break the vine into strips at the joint.

Step 3

Dry the vines slowly. If you're patient, they can dry out overnight. You can also dry them in an oven or on foil at the back of a grill. You don't want a high heat, just enough to be able to light them.

Step 4

Hold a match or lighter at the vine tip and suck in until the vine ignites. Puff the vine; if you inhale you can choke or cough.


If you can't find the right kind of grape vine, some people have been known to smoke the bark. Scrape and dry the bark and smoke it in a pipe.


Make sure you know how to recognize a grape vine. If you mistake a toxic plant, such as poison sumac, for grape vine, you can end up in the hospital. Grape vine doesn't get you high any more than banana peels. If you smoke enough to get dizzy, you have smoked too much.