How to Make a Snap Cup

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Things You'll Need

  • Cup

  • Decorative Items

  • Paper

How to Make a Snap Cup. If you have seen the movie Legally Blonde 2, you've seen the snap cup. In this movie, Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle Woods, breaks the ice with a group of people by using her snap cup. Follow these steps to make a snap cup of your own.


Step 1

Select and purchase a cup to use for the snap cup. You want to select a cup large enough to hold several strips of paper. Choose any color cup that you like. Plastic cups make a good choice to use as a snap cup because they are durable, lightweight and inexpensive.

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Step 2

Decorate your snap cup as you see fit. You can use ribbons, bows, stickers, fake flowers, magazine cutouts or anything else that you wish. Be creative and have fun with decorating your snap cup.

Step 3

Add the words "snap cup" to your snap cup so people will know what it is. You can do this in several ways. You can write out the words "snap cup" on a piece of paper and tape or glue that paper to your cup. You can also type the words "snap cup" using a word processing program on your computer. If you do this, be sure to use a cool looking font. Alternatively, you can use letter stickers to spell out "snap cup" on your cup. The choice is up to you.


Step 4

Cut a piece (or several pieces) of paper into strips. Make sure that the strips are large enough that you can write on them. Write a nice thing about each of your friends on a strip of paper. Put these strips of paper into your snap cup. When you see a friend of yours, remove their piece of paper from the snap cup and read what you wrote about them. Follow this up by saying, "snaps for Amy." Be sure to insert the correct name of your friend when you tell them "snaps." Snap your fingers as well for added effect.


You can also use your snap cup at parties. Have everyone at the party write nice things about the other party guests as described in Step 4. Then read all of the "snaps" out loud at the party giving snaps to everyone along the way.