How to Hang Multiple Pictures

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Hammer

  • Picture anchor

How to Hang Multiple Pictures. Hanging multiple pictures on the same wall is a little more tricky than hanging one picture on a single wall. However, you can create an interesting and eye-catching display of multiple pictures if you do it correctly. Take extra care to achieve a balanced look by correctly arranging, measuring, marking and hanging the pictures.


Step 1

Design your arrangement. Work on the floor, table or other flat surface. Lay out your multiple pictures in an arrangement that looks balanced. Try to place the pictures so they form one horizontal line or one vertical line. Resist the temptation to "stair-step" the pictures unless you plan to hang them along a staircase.

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Step 2

Hang your first picture. Use the measuring tape to center the picture correctly. Measure the length of the surface where you want the picture to hang. Divide the measurement by two and find the center. Mark the center of the wall with your pencil. Re-measure to make sure the your mark is correct. Nail the picture anchor on your mark and place your first picture on the wall.


Step 3

Choose the spacing between your pictures. If you leave too large a space in between pictures it disrupts the flow of your eye gaze as you scan across the wall. Placing the pictures too closely may make your wall look cluttered. Find the correct balance for the wall. As a general rule, two to three inch spacing between pictures works well.


Step 4

Space the second picture below the first. Measure the distance from the hanging bracket on the back of the frame to the top of the frame. Add that distance to the spacing that you chose. For example, if the distance from the bracket to the top of the frame is 1/2 inch and the distance you chose for spacing is 2 inches, make your mark 2 1/2 inches below the frame.


Step 5

Keep the second picture centered on the wall. Measure the wall again. Divide the measurement by two to find the center. Make a mark where the center of the wall and the mark for your spacing intersect. This ensures that your second picture is centered on the wall and correctly spaced beneath the first picture.


Step 6

Hammer your the picture anchor on your mark. Gently tap the nail into the wall. Place your second picture on the anchor below the first. Step away from the wall and take a second look. Check to see that your multiple, hanging, pictures look neat and balanced.


Hang a design accent above or below the frames to draw attention to them. When standing alone, groups of frames look crowded, cluttered and crooked. For a more uniformed look, choose identical frames or frames that look similar. For a more eclectic look mix and match various colors and textures. Hang very heavy frames on studs or wall beams to prevent them from falling.


Double-check your measurements before you make any holes in the wall. It is easy to puncture your wall with unusable holes that you will later have to fill.


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