How to Slice Cheese

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How to Slice Cheese. If you have a block of soft or hard cheese, you'll probably want to serve it in slices for your guests to enjoy. You can leave sliced cheese out for sandwiches or for guests to snack on as part of a cheese platter. Ideally, your cheese should look professionally sliced.


Step 1

Lay out the block of cheese on the cutting board. Unwrap any packaging that covers the cheese and discard.

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Step 2

Get a cheese knife to slice the block of cheese. This knife's unique design helps cut the cheese without causing the cheese to stick to it. A cheese knife with holes can prevent sticking from occurring. If you don't have a cheese knife, slice the block with a very sharp knife.


Step 3

Take the dry knife and start slicing through the block of cheese. You'll want to cut in one fluid motion and avoid sawing away at the cheese.

Step 4

Push the cheese forward once you slice it. Rock the knife back and forth if the cheese will not leave the knife's surface. Repeat the process until you slice enough cheese for your guests. You can leave the rest of the block out or wrap and store it.


You'll have an easier time slicing hard cheeses, like cheddar, than soft types, like feta. Softer types have a tendency to stick to the knife while slicing. One trick you can use to slice softer cheeses is to cut the cheese with dental floss. You tighten the floss and then slice it through the cheese.