How to Cook With Poblano Peppers

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Things You'll Need

  • Poblano peppers

  • Clean towel

  • Sharp knife

  • Cutting board

  • Large plastic bag

  • Paper towel

Poblano peppers are charred and peeled to remove its tough waxy skin.

Poblano peppers are a mild, just slightly spicier than a bell pepper. It is a wide, heart-shaped pepper used in many different types of recipes such as sauces, salsa, casseroles and stuffed peppers. The mildness of these peppers provides a versatility that appeals to a broad audience, including children. Prior to using poblanos in any recipe, it is common for the skin to be removed because it becomes tough and bitter during cooking. Traditionally, the skin is charred and removed. The charring process enhances the flavor of the finished recipe.


Step 1

Wash peppers to remove any dirt and debris that may remain. This also helps remove pesticide residue that may linger from conventional agriculture. Place the washed peppers on a clean towel.

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Step 2

Remove the tip of the stem with a sharp knife. A stem cut in the field several days prior has the ability to harbor bacterial growth on its trip from field to grocery store. It is not necessary to remove the entire stem at this time, just the very tip.

Step 3

Place peppers on the broiler pan. Raise the shelf in your oven to its maximum height, provided your peppers have approximately 1 inch of clearance below the broiler element or flame.

Step 4

Turn the broiler on high. Allow peppers to broil for five minutes or until char covers more than fifty percent of the pepper. Turn the peppers and repeat until all sides are sufficiently charred.


Step 5

Remove the peppers and place them into a large plastic bag. Seal the bag. The heat from the peppers will create steam, further softening the skin and separating it from the pepper's flesh.

Step 6

Peel the loosened skin from each pepper. The skin should come off relatively easily. Wipe with a clean paper towel to help remove any remaining bits. Avoid running your peeled peppers under water; this will diminish the charred flavor.


Step 7

Process the peeled poblanos as desired. For use in recipes, remove the stem and seeds and dice or chop. To stuff the peppers, remove the stem and very top of the pepper, remove the seeds while leaving the pepper intact and stuff according to the recipe. Poblanos can be frozen at this stage for later use. Use within one year.


To maintain a little more heat, leave seeds in the peppers.

Wear latex gloves when you peel the peppers if your skin is sensitive to contact with hot peppers.


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