How to Celebrate a 90th Birthday

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How to Celebrate a 90th Birthday. Reaching the age of 90 is an accomplishment worthy of a celebration. If you have a friend or relative who is about to turn 90, then you should consider orchestrating a celebration of the person's life. Here's a few ideas to make the day extra special.


Step 1

Talk with the person to determine what she might want for her 90th birthday. Some elderly people don't like a lot of noise and commotion, while others might really enjoy a lively party.

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Step 2

Determine when you'll hold the celebration. Lunchtime celebrations may be less tiring for elderly people. Prepare a meal for a quaint lunch or hors d'oeuvres to compliment a lively party.

Step 3

Select a location that's easily accessible for older people, as many of your guests at a 90th birthday may be elderly.

Step 4

Ask family and friends to send a photo of the celebrant along with a letter detailing great memories. Place photos and letters into a bound 90th birthday celebration book. Present the book to the celebrant on the day of the celebration.


Step 5

Contract with someone to create a movie of the celebrant's life. Include pictures, video and favorite songs.

Step 6

Decorate using a theme specific to the celebrant's hobbies or interests. Place the celebrants favorite flowers throughout the venue.


Step 7

Set up a video booth where each guest can record a 90th birthday message for the celebrant. It's often easier for the elderly to watch a video than read writing in a book.


Place a bulletin board, depicting pictures of the celebrant, at the entrance. Minimize background noise as this may be problematic for people with hearing aids. If weather permits, play some of the celebrant's favorite games outside.


Don't overwhelm the celebrant and avoid surprises that may be too emotional.

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