How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Hardwood floor mats

  • Soft-bristled broom

  • Hard surface vacuum cleaner

  • Hardwood floor cleaner

  • Soft cloths

  • Soft mop

  • Furniture pads

  • Felt furniture gliders

Maintain your wood floors properly so they stay in good condition longer.

Hardwood floors are not only a charming addition to the home, they are also an investment. Durable and long-lasting, wood flooring can withstand a lot of wear and tear; however, maintaining it properly will help to increase the lifespan of the floor. Wood flooring does not come cheap, so care for it the right way to protect your investment. It does not take much time or effort to keep those floors looking new.


Step 1

Place floor mats at the entryways where you have wood floors installed. Also, place mats in any areas that are susceptible to moisture, such as in front of sinks and appliances. Choose floor mats specifically designed for wood floors; rubber-backed mats may cause damage to the wood.

Step 2

Sweep your floors every couple of days with a soft-bristled broom. Vacuum regularly with a vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces to remove dirt and debris from between the boards. Sweeping and vacuuming removes loose dirt and debris that may cause scratches on the wood.


Step 3

Clean your floor with hardwood floor cleaner. Other types of cleaners, and even water, can damage or warp the wood. Use the hardwood floor cleaner with a soft cloth or mop.

Step 4

Wipe up spills and moisture from the wood floor immediately. Use a soft cloth to absorb liquids and moisture. If the spot is sticky, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry promptly. Avoid letting any moisture sit on the floor for extended periods of time, as doing so may cause warping or discoloration.

Step 5

Refinish your wood floors as worn or bare spots being to appear. There is no exact amount of time that a finish lasts on the floor. It depends greatly on how much wear and tear is put on the floor and whether you like the way such worn or bare spots add character to the flooring. Consult a professional to have your wood floors refinished as needed. Keeping an intact finish on the wood helps to protect the floor from scratches, spills and other damages.


Step 6

Draw blinds or curtains in spots where direct sunlight hits the floor for lengthy amounts of time. The sunlight fades the shade of the wood over time, so to prevent this from happening, keep the wood protected as much as possible from direct sunlight.

Step 7

Put furniture pads under table and furniture legs to prevent dents or scratches from forming in the wood. If you are moving the furniture around the room, use felt gliders under furniture to keep it from scratching the wood.