How to Sell Macrame Items

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How to Sell Macrame Items. Macrame is a beautiful technique for creating textile products. This art of knotting cords makes lovely jewelry, belts and potted-plant holders. Decorative wall hangings and purses are also among the items you can make. Sell your items for extra income.

Step 1

Advertise your macramé items in order to sell as many as possible. Strategic advertising can get your items in the public eye. Newspaper advertising can be a relatively inexpensive way to market your items to the public. Consider running an ad, especially in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. Many cities run extra articles and ads in an arts and crafts section on the weekends.


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Step 2

Know your market when you want to sell macramé items. There are direct mail companies across the country. These companies often offer mailing lists for a fee that include every category imaginable. People who buy craft items will likely be interested in your macramé. Obtain a list, create a brochure or flyer on your computer and mail your advertisements.

Step 3

Create a simple, inexpensive flyer to copy and distribute around your community. You can put flyers under the windshield wipers of vehicles in parking lots. You can go door to door in neighborhoods and stick flyers in the door handles of homes. Make sure you have contact information on the flyer along with your list of macramé items and sale prices.


Step 4

Sell macramé items at a local flea market or craft fair. You can rent a table or booth for a small fee. Have a good selection of items ready, especially in the spring and fall. Once the public sees your well-made merchandise and the friendly way you handle your customers, word of mouth can be your best advertisement.


Step 5

Remember online auctions when you want to sell your macramé items. Online auctions make buying and selling everything under the sun available to unlimited numbers of consumers. Have the appropriate type of packaging needed in order to mail your items to the buyers.


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