How to Explain Palm Sunday to Children

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How to Explain Palm Sunday to Children. Explaining Palm Sunday to children can be entertaining for everyone especially if visuals and various crafts are offered while the story is being told. Perhaps ask another adult to help with these activities as you are explaining the story of Palm Sunday to the children.


Step 1

Sit or stand in front of the children where all can see and hear what you are saying. Let the children know that you are going to explain Palm Sunday, which is the Sunday before Easter.

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Step 2

Begin telling the story of Jesus, and the trip he is making to Jerusalem. Let them know that Jesus has been there many times before, and that he understands this will be his last trip there. This was God's plan for him.


Step 3

Tell how Jesus and his disciples walked towards Jerusalem. As they made the journey, Jesus instructed two of them to walk ahead and find a baby donkey for him to ride. It was in God's plan that the donkey would be there waiting for him.

Step 4

Demonstrate how the crowd welcomed Jesus. Perhaps make finger puppets and let the children play the part of the crowd, cheering Jesus as he walks in to Jerusalem. The people were waving palm branches in the air and some lay down their clothes for the donkey to walk on.


Step 5

Explain to the children why the crowd was cheering. Most were welcoming Jesus. They had heard many wonderful things about him and how he helped others around them. However, there were some people in Jerusalem who were not happy to see Jesus at all.

Step 6

Explain to the children that Jesus and his disciples continued to walk through the town until they reached the temple. The people in the crowd were still cheering him on, waving the palm branches in the air and shouting "Hosanna to the son of David!"


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