How to Replace a Shop-Vac Hose

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How to Replace a Shop-Vac Hose. Replacing your Shop-Vac hose isn't brain surgery, but you need to know what types of hose replacements are available. As a wet-dry vac, the Shop-Vac has many uses. Contractors use the Shop-Vac for heavy duty job site cleaning, including sawdust, drywall dust and nails. The Shop-Vac also picks up liquids. Here are some tips to help you replace a Shop-Vac hose.


Step 1

Measure the width of your existing hose to buy the correct size; Shop-Vac hoses come in widths of 1 ¼ and 2 ½ inches. Models include the Bulldog, the Contractor, the Easy Lift, the All Around, the Industrial, the Quiet Series, the Ultra Pro, the Vac-n-Vac and the Wet/Dry Vac. Know your model, model number and hose width to replace your Shop-Vac hose.

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Step 2

Buy the length that's right for you. Hose lengths vary from 8 ft to 10 ft. for the 2 ½ inch diameter hose to an 18 ft hose for the Industrial model Shop-Vac. Hose lengths of 4 ft, 6 ft., 7 ft and 8 ft are available for hose widths of 1 ¼ inch. Consider buying a hose with the Posi Lock system when you replace the hose. Ask the dealer if there are certain hose lengths recommended for special jobs, such as picking up heavy debris or liquids.


Step 3

Add accessories to make your job easier when you replace your Shop-Vac hose. A Hose Handle Grip helps ease fatigue, if you are doing a large cleanup job. An Elbow Grip makes your Shop-Vac hose easier to handle. Extension wands help extend your reach when using the Shop-Vac and a Tool Holder keeps the Shop-Vac tools handy.



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