How to Buy Shelf Liner

How to Buy Shelf Liner. Some people discover quite a mess in cabinets and drawers when they move or do spring cleaning. However, shelf liner catches it all; that's the purpose. The type of shelf liner you buy to place in your cabinets and drawers depends on your needs and how much is in your budget for the purpose.

Step 1

Measure your cabinet and drawers to determine how much shelf liner you will need. Most of the shelf liners come in rolls that are approximately 12 inches wide. Some rolls come in 15-inch widths as well. It would be unlikely that you will find shelf liner in the exact sizes that you will need, so your measurements are for estimation purposes.

Step 2

Decide what type of shelf liner you want to buy to best suit your needs. There's the standard "peel and stick" type, the non adhesive type, a lightly adhesive type and a deep ribbed type amongst others.

Step 3

Pick the traditional "peel and stick" type of shelf liner if you plan to keep the shelf liner in its place for a very long time. This is very difficult to remove. Measure each cabinet shelf or drawer individually, cut it to size and then peel off the backing and press into place working from the back towards the front.

Step 4

Use the non-adhesive type shelf liner for areas that you may want to replace often. This is perfect for a summer rental home or a place you only plan to be for a short period. The down side to this type shelf liner is that it moves around and doesn't stay in place too well.

Step 5

Plan to use the lightly adhesive type shelf liner for most general uses. It has just enough sticky adhesive on the backside to hold the shelf liner in place. It can be removed easily if need be.

Step 6

Lay down the deep ribbed shelf liner in areas that may store heavy pots and pans, serving platters or heavy stacks of dishes. It has a cushion to it, provided through the ribbed pattern, which will keep these heavier type items from sliding around.

Step 7

Purchase your shelf liner at discount retailers, hardware stores, kitchen supply retailers and even at online websites. The less expensive rolls of peel and stick shelf liner start at around $1.00 to $2.00 per roll. The non-adhesive and lightly adhesive shelf liner rolls start around $3.00 and go up to around $8.00 per roll. The ribbed shelf liner can run anywhere from $8.00 to $14.00 per roll. All these prices are estimates and depend on the size of the roll, brand and quality. Most shelf liners come in many varieties of colors and patterns.