How to Leave a Snack for the Easter Bunny

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How to Leave a Snack for the Easter Bunny. Many families with small children arrange for the Easter Bunny to make a visit to their homes. The Easter Bunny leaves a basket filled with delicious treats for the child to enjoy. If you have a small child, you can work together to leave a snack for the Easter Bunny.


Step 1

Let the child know that you should leave a snack for the Easter Bunny. See if the child has any ideas of an appropriate choice.

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Step 2

Set out a special plate to put the snack on. If you have any Easter themed plates, those would be a good choice.


Step 3

Cut up some carrots if you want a low maintenance snack to leave. This is a popular selection since it is well known that bunnies love to munch on carrots.

Step 4

Go beyond carrots. For a more ambitious parent, you can choose to make a baked item like carrot cake that can be left for the Easter Bunny. Allow the child to assist you in the baking and frosting process.


Step 5

Pour a drink for the Easter Bunny. Give the Easter Bunny something to wash down his treat. Milk or juices are easy to leave out.

Step 6

Leave a note with the Easter Bunny snack. Let the child draw a picture for the Easter Bunny or write a letter. These keepsakes can be set out beside the snack.


Remember to eat some of the treats left out for the Easter Bunny. The child is sure to wake up and want to see how much the Easter Bunny ate. Easter cupcakes are another snack idea that you can leave for the Easter Bunny. Decorate the cupcakes with pastel frosting colors and Easter themed images.