How to Clean a Fondue Pot

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How to Clean a Fondue Pot. Good news is fondue is back and more popular than ever, but many shy away from cooking fondue style at home because of the chore of having to clean those gooey messes at home. Here's how to make light duty of cleaning a fondue pot.

Step 1

Allow the fondue pot and any leftover contents to cool completely before attempting to clean. This protects you from burns.


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Step 2

Remove as much of the leftover contents from the fondue pot as possible by using a spatula. To dispose of used oil, pour it into a container, seal and toss in trash. Pouring oil down a drain can cause plumbing problems later.

Step 3

Heat a pot of water on the stove, allowing it to almost come to a boil.


Step 4

Add several drops of dishwashing liquid to the fondue pot while it's sitting in the sink and add the heated water. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the entire pot with water. Let the pot sit for 10 minutes, or for burnt-on food, overnight. Periodically check to see if the food is beginning to loosen.


Step 5

Empty the water from the container after it has soaked thoroughly and most of the residue has come off.

Step 6

Use a scrub brush to loosen any stuck-on remains and wash the entire pot in hot, soapy water. A scrubber sponge can work as well but avoid scrubbing with anything harsh that will scratch the surface of the fondue pot.

Step 7

Rinse the pot thoroughly with clean water, removing all soap residue and dry.


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