How to Do Single Crochet Stitches

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Single crochet stitch.
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The single crochet, abbreviated sc, is the basis of the majority of crochet stitches. Other stitches are variations of the single crochet stitch. You'll encounter many crochet patterns that start with a foundation chain, followed by instructions to make a single crochet in each chain. That's why it's important to learn the single crochet stitch as a beginner.


Materials You'll Need

  • Crochet hook, preferably aluminum.
  • Yarn, worsted weight is best to practice with, because it's not too thin and not too thick.

Step 1: Foundation "Chain" Stitch

Crochet a row of 10 or more chain stitches to create the foundation for your single crochet stitches.

Step 2: The Single Crochet Stitch

Insert your crochet hook into the second chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook going from back to front; this is called a yarn over, abbreviated yo. There should be two loops on the hook. Hook the yarn and pull it through the chain.


Step 3: Finishing the SC

Wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front again (yo) and pull it through the two loops on your hook. There should be one loop remaining on your hook. You have created your first single crochet. Insert your hook into the next chain and repeat all steps until you have made a single crochet in every chain.