How to Reattach Earring Post Settings

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How to Reattach Earring Post Settings. Bad news - the post of your favorite pierced earrings has broken off. Don't worry. There are some fairly easy fix techniques out there to save your earring from the trash bin.


Step 1

Order a new post setting for pierced earrings with Postables, available from the This company offers a set of two goldtone and two silvertone post settings. You can also convert clip earrings to post earrings using this product.


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Step 2

Remove the adhesive backing from the Postable.

Step 3

Apply your earring front to the Postable and press firmly.

Adhesive Glue

Step 1

Get out the cyanoacrylate glue, which bonds metals. Try Superglue, Krazy Glue or MiracleGlue.


Step 2

Squeeze a little bead of adhesive glue onto the earring. A cotton swab may be useful for application here.

Step 3

Position the earring post where you want it and hold for a short time. You may need to use tweezers if your fingers are too clumsy to hold the post.

Step 4

Leave the earring alone for eight hours as the glue bond will continue to strengthen as it dries.


Clean up any glue residue on your hands with acetone (nail polish remover.) For more information, refer to the eHow article "How to Get Super Glue Off Skin."


Keep adhesives out of reach of children.



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