How to Install a Convection Oven

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How to Install a Convection Oven. Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and exiting. New appliances seem to breathe new life into the kitchen, not to mention the chef of the house, especially if you buy a new convection oven.

Step 1

Remove all package material from the convection oven. Be sure to check inside the oven for additional paperwork. Turn off the circuit breaker leading to the oven area prior to beginning any installation.


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Step 2

Place the convection oven on a sturdy table that's level with the opening it will be installed in. Be sure the table is large enough and can hold the weight of the oven as they are front heavy and have a tendency to tip over.

Step 3

Connect the wiring to the electrical box. Note that convection ovens must be hard wired to a proper junction box. These ovens do not use a typical plug.

Step 4

Slide the convection oven into the cabinet opening. Open the oven door and use the oven opening to grab and move the oven, rather than the handle of the closed oven door. Be sure the excess wire makes a loop and rests on top of the oven when it is installed.

Step 5

Use mounting holes located inside of the convection oven to determine where to place screws to secure the oven to the cabinet. Double check that the screws will be placed no less than 1/4 inch from the front cutout.


Step 6

Screw all outside trim pieces into place to complete the installation. Make sure all pieces are aligned properly and level.

Step 7

Turn the circuit breaker back on to ensure power is supplied to the oven. Verify that all debris is removed from the oven. Turn the oven on and verify that it works.


Always turn off power to any electrical junction box that you will be working with before you install the convection oven.


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