How to Clean Military Uniforms

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How to Clean Military Uniforms. To clean military uniforms correctly require fine attention to detail and the services of a professional in the dry cleaning industry. Most places that clean military uniforms specialize in cleaning the basic fatigues to special chemical suits.With proper guidelines and correct equipment, you can learn how to correctly clean military uniforms. Read on to learn more.


Step 1

Determine what type of material the military uniform is made of. This can usually be found by looking inside at the label to determine it. If it is not readily available, check with the issuing organization of the uniform. You can also check with the local dry cleaners for a assessment that will help you determine the material of the uniform.

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Step 2

Use cold water to pre-treat any stains on the military uniform. Be careful to not use any chemicals or solvents that could potentially stain and discolor the fabric permanently.

Step 3

Wash the uniform ONLY if the care tag says it can be done. Only machine-wash the uniform if doing so is acceptable with military protocol.


Step 4

Take the uniform to a dry cleaner who specializes in and knows exactly how to clean military uniforms. Only a professional should be used to avoid a possibility of the uniform being damaged.

Step 5

Clean the uniform as needed and not on a regular schedule. The chemical process used in clothes dry cleaning breaks down the fabric in clothing and can cause the clothes to have a prematurely worn look.

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