How to Use a Crock Pot

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How to Use a Crock Pot. Most kitchens today have a crock pot in them, however, many people tend to forget about that crock pot that is hidden deep in their kitchen cabinet. The crock pot, however, should not be hidden. It should be celebrated. There are many ways you can use a crock pot. Read on to learn how to use a crock pot.


Step 1

Cook your dinner when you are away from home. Most people use a crock pot for this reason because you can place your recipe ingredients in the crock pot in the morning or the night before. Then, before you leave your house for the day, you simply turn on the crock pot following the recipe instructions. When you get home for the day, your dinner is ready with hardly any work at all.

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Step 2

Use your crock pot for holiday celebrations. When cooking holiday foods, a common problem is some of the foods get cold before others are ready. With a crock pot, this is no longer a problem. Simply place cooked foods in the crock pot to keep them warm on the buffet table. Good examples of foods to put in a crockpot include giblet gravy, mashed potatoes or stuffing for your Thanksgiving dinner.


Step 3

Bring your crock pot to a potluck meal. The next time you are invited to a potluck meal and want to bring hot food, you may wonder how you are going to keep that dish hot once you arrive at the potluck. Just unplug your crock pot and bring it (filled with your potluck dish) with you to the potluck. When you arrive, just plug the crock pot back in, and your dish will stay warm for the entire potluck.


Step 4

Cook party dishes in a crock pot. A crock pot can be a great tool to have when you are having a party. You can cook easy dishes such as chili, barbecue meatballs or warm dips in a crock pot. Just leave the crock pot plugged in for the whole party, and your guests will have warm eats that were so easy for you to make.


Step 5

Tenderize meats. With a crock pot, you can purchase cheaper and not so tender cuts of meat without worry. Since you can cook meats for a long time on the low setting in a crock pot, you can tenderize meats with no problem.


Always follow all instructions that came with your crock pot.

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