How to Make Fake Gunshot Wounds

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How to Make Fake Gunshot Wounds. Gunshot wound makeup comes in handy for Halloween costumes, independent films or stage plays. This gunshot wound makeup is realistic and easy to apply. Find all of the needed materials at your local costume shop or craft store. With a little practice and patience, plan to have a realistic-looking gunshot wound in no time.


Things You'll Need

  • Flesh Stack Makeup

  • Stipple Sponge

  • Toothpicks

  • Trauma Stack Makeup

  • Blood Gel

  • Spirit Gum

  • Latex

  • Cotton Swabs

  • Molding Clay

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Step 1

Form the wound from the molded clay. It needs to look similar to a small crater or an empty pond. Make the shape on a flat surface so one side is flat. Use a toothpick to remove the gunshot wound mold from the table.

Video of the Day

Step 2

Clean the area on the body where you want to attach the wound. Remove any hair from the area.

Step 3

Turn the mold over and brush spirit gum all over its base. Allow the spirit gum to become tacky. Tap the spirit gum to see if it is sticky.

Step 4

Apply the form to the prepared area. Rub spirit gum around the edges where the mold meets the skin. Allow the spirit gum to congeal.


Step 5

Apply latex around the edges of the gunshot wound to blend the mold in with the skin. Smooth out any bumps. While the latex is drying, make any notches or grooves in the mold with a toothpick to form different areas for the blood to run through.

Step 6

Bruise the skin. Use a stipple sponge to apply the bruise-purple color from the trauma stack. Put it around the outside of the wound. Use a cotton swab to smooth out the color.


Step 7

Add color to the wound. Apply the red with the stipple sponge. Use a liberal amount to completely cover the form. Add black and yellow accents. Apply random amounts of black and yellow around the wound and at the tips of the mold. The black paint looks like dead skin and gunshot residue.

Step 8

Fill the inside of the mold with the blood gel. Use a cotton swab to spread the gel over the wound. Lightly cover the entire mold with the blood gel. Add more blood gel to the middle of the mold.


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