How to Deep Fry Snickers

Things You'll Need

  • Deep fryer

  • Cooking oil, such as vegetable or peanut

  • Snickers candy bar

  • Batter, such as funnel cake batter mix

  • Several bowls

  • Tongs and spoons

  • Powdered sugar for garnish

How to Deep Fry Snickers

How to Deep Fry Snickers. The concept of deep-frying candy bars originated in fish and chips shops in Scotland. Originally, the Mars Bar was fried in the same type batter used for the fish. The idea appeared in the U.S. at carnivals and state fairs, using a wide variety of candy bars, mostly Snickers.

Step 1

How to Deep Fry Snickers

Place the Snickers bar in the freezer. Allow the bar to become hard to help prevent melting when deep frying.

Step 2

How to Deep Fry Snickers

Pre-heat the oil in the deep fryer. Use vegetable or peanut oil and heat to about 375 degrees F.

Step 3

How to Deep Fry Snickers

Make the batter. Use funnel cake batter, pancake batter or other standard batter recipe. The batter should be thick in order to stick to the Snickers bar. Be sure the entire bar is thoroughly coated with batter.

Step 4

How to Deep Fry Snickers

Lower the Snickers bar carefully into the deep fryer. Use tongs and stir slightly to prevent sticking. Fry until golden brown, approximately 2 to 4 minutes. Remove the fried Snickers bar from the oil and drain. Use caution; the bar will be hot.

Step 5

How to Deep Fry Snickers

Allow the Snickers bar to cool; the inside will be very hot. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve.


Inserting a wooden ice cream stick through the center of a large Snickers bar provides an easy handle for eating a deep fried Snickers bar. For smaller portions, use the miniature Snickers bars. Try dipping sauces for the fried Snickers bars, such as chocolate or caramel.


When working with hot oil, always have a fire extinguisher available. Never allow children near hot oil or a deep fryer while cooking. Always follow the manufacturers operating instructions when using a deep fryer. Always follow food and kitchen safety rules. Prevent contamination if working with raw eggs; wash hands and surfaces with soap and hot water and dry with paper towels.