How to Throw a Teen Pool Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Beach balls

  • Permanent marker

  • Large envelopes

  • Snacks and beverages

  • Sunscreen

  • Volleyball

  • Extra towels

How to Throw a Teen Pool Party. Whether it's a birthday celebration or just a summertime bash, throwing a pool party is always a hit with teens. Most kids at this age think theme parties are for little kids so don't try to push one. Just let them relax and have fun while you figure out how to keep an eye on the activities without appearing to be an overbearing parent. Teens want their space, but things can easily get out of hand without some parental guidance, especially around a pool.


Step 1

Inflate beach balls and write out the invitations on them using a permanent marker. Let the air out of the balls, stuff them in large envelopes and mail them to guests two weeks prior to the party. Be sure and tell them to bring a swimsuit and towel but have extra towels on hand for those who forget them.

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Step 2

Clean the pool and perform any chemical maintenance needed the day before to ensure it's ready in time for the party.

Step 3

Plan a menu of light snack foods and lots of beverages. Sodas are definitely popular, but make sure you have juices and bottled water which are much better for hydrating teens playing in the hot sun.


Step 4

Provide several bottles of sunscreen and make sure it gets used. Most teens think it's not cool to put it on, but they'll get over it. Better to have them roll their eyes at you and think you're crazy than send kids home with a bad burn.

Step 5

Prepare some activities to keep kids from getting bored. Water volleyball is always popular and can accommodate a large number of people at a time. To give them some downtime out of the pool, and engage guests who might not like to swim, plan a trivia game about the guest of honor to see who knows her the best.


Step 6

Get kids out of the pool a half hour or so before the party's over. It will give them time to dry off and change clothes before their parents arrive.


Invite a couple of the parents to the party. You can hang out as a group appearing to be having your own party, while taking turns keeping an eye on the teens.


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