How to Wash Curtains

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How to Wash Curtains. Keep all areas of your home neat and tidy including your curtains. Although you don't need to clean them weekly, they do need cleaning. You want to remove any dirt and dust from the curtains without ruining the fabric. Follow these directions to wash your curtains.


Step 1

Check any manufacturing instructions and read any attached labels for special care needs. Follow all labels. Some curtains may need dry cleaning.

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Step 2

Remove curtains from the curtain rods. Remove all hooks.

Step 3

Place the curtains in your washing machine without adding other laundry. You want the curtains to move around freely. You can hand wash very delicate curtains in a bathtub.

Step 4

Add laundry powder to the machine or tub. If you wash them in the bathtub, swish them around and rub them gently. Let the water out. Then add fresh water to rinse the curtains.


Step 5

Set the washing machine on delicate or hand wash. Choose the cold or warm cycle. You don't want to shrink the curtains or damage the fabric with a hot wash.

Step 6

Choose "medium load" for front window drapes so the curtains have room to move around in the machine. Choose "large load" if the curtains are thick. Use "small load" for smaller bedroom curtains.


Step 7

Remove curtains promptly when the machine stops. Hang wet curtains back on the window to dry. Hanging them straight away prevents creasing. If you washed them in the bathtub, squeeze out the excess water carefully. Hang the curtain over the show bar or on a clothesline outside until all the extra water drips off. Then, bring them in and hang them in the window to dry.

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