How-to Fill a Pinata

While some pinatas have a hole made solely for inserting the goodies inside, others require cutting the hole yourself. Check the pinata thoroughly before cutting the hole, just in case it already has one. Its location may not be obvious if the sticker that usually covers the hole area is missing.

Finding or Making a Hole

Step 1: Look for a Sticker

Inspect the pinata closely along its top or the upper areas of the sides for a sticker or label, indicating the location of the hole.

Step 2: Remove the Sticker

Peel the sticker away or press it in, following the directions on the label. If you're unable to find a sticker, but you believe the pinata already has a hole, press gently along the top of the pinata in any area that looks a bit softer or different from the rest of the structure.

Step 3: Cut a Hole

Make a hole for the pinata if it does not have one already. Select a location along a wide area of the top, such as on the top of a sun shape or on the back of a donkey. Slice a three-sided flap at least 1 inch wide -- or large enough to add the filler material. Use a utility knife or craft knife to make the cuts; then lift the flap to provide room for the filler items.


An adult should do the cutting, since the knife could slip along the irregular pinata surface.

Filling the Pinata

Fill the pinata with items appropriate for the party attendees. Whatever you choose should not break easily. If edible, the items should be individually wrapped or in tiny packages. Since pinatas vary in size, the amount of filler varies as well. A pinata 24 inches high can hold 2 pounds of individual candy pieces, while a larger one may hold 3 pounds or more.

  • Fill the pinata with snack-sized bags of healthy treats such as Vitamin C-infused fruit gummies as an alternative to candy.
  • Small party favors such as whistles, balls and toys offer yet another alternative to candy. Be sure the toys are appropriate for the age group at your event.
  • For older children or adults, choose more sophisticated or spicy-and-sweet treats, such as small bags of spicy nuts, Mexican tamarind candies or gourmet chocolates.