How to Cross-Stitch a Blanket

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How to Cross-Stitch a Blanket. Whether you like to cross-stitch as a craft or you would like to start cross-stitching as a hobby, a blanket is one project to consider doing. You can cross-stitch an afghan to toss over a chair or a blanket to give as a gift.

Things You'll Need

  • Blanket

  • Needles

  • Material For Backing

  • Iron

  • Cross-Stitch Frame

  • Thread

  • Cross-Stitch Pattern

Step 1

Purchase a blanket. There are 2 main styles of blankets available for cross-stitch. The first has a large center section surrounded by a border of squares. The second style is an afghan that is divided into squares with borders that go throughout the entire blanket. Each style has a variety of options which include cloth color, fringe color and size.


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Step 2

Pick a pattern. Cross-stitch patterns are available at most craft stores or online at cross-stitch supply websites. You must pat attention to the number of squares required for patterns that use an afghan style blanket. Almost any pattern can be used for blankets that have a main cross-stitch area.

Step 3

Get supplies. You need to purchase the thread for the pattern. Other items that you must have to cross-stitch are a cross-stitch frame, needles and scissors. You should also purchase material to use as backing for the blanket.

Step 4

Stitch the pattern. Secure your first section of the blanket inside a cross-stitch frame. This will keep the blanket from shifting on you as you stitch. Move the frame as needed to continue the cross-stitch. You need to follow the pattern. Some patterns will require special stitches. Directions for these are usually included with the pattern.


Step 5

Secure the backing. You can leave the back of the cross-stitch exposed or you can sew a backing onto the cross-stitch blanket. You must make sure that all the stitches are tied off and that the threads are not loose.

Step 6

Finish the blanket. You need to press any seams and the cross-stitch area to remove wrinkles. You may want to spray the blanket with a fabric protector.


Some kits containing all the thread and blanket are available for purchase.


Blanket patterns and cross-stitch patterns may differ. Check how many squares are needed for a pattern before you purchase.


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