How to Play Duck Duck Goose

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Duck Duck Goose is a classic children's game. It is also called Duck Duck Grey Duck, The Mush Pot, Pesek or Antoakyire. The game can be played at children's birthday parties, Vacation Bible School, summer camp or just for an everyday occasion.


Step 1

Sit the children in a circle with all players facing inward. Choose a person to be "It."

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Step 2

Instruct the child who is "It" to walk around the outside of circle, tapping each person lightly on the head as he passes by and saying the word duck. Those that are designated as "Ducks" remain seated.


Step 3

Tell this child to choose a person to be "Goose." When he reaches the intended "Goose", he will tap him on the head and say goose instead of duck. The "Goose" must jump up and chase him around the circle. If the designated "It" reaches the "Goose's" former seat and sits down before the "Goose" can tag him, the Goose becomes "It." If the "Goose" touches "It" before he can get back to the empty seat, this child has to sit in the middle of the circle.


Step 4

Ask the child to stay in the center of the circle until someone else is tagged out. That person then takes that place in the middle, and the one in the middle goes back to his old seat.


When walking outside the circle of seated players, always walk in the same direction. When the "Goose" chases you, it is easier to run in that same direction rather than reversing your stride.

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