How to Select Games for a First Communion Party

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How to Select Games for a First Communion Party. Some people have the idea that religion and fun don't mix. However, this isn't true to many people around the world who are happy to host religious-themed parties. One of the most popular types of religious events is a First Communion party. At a First Communion party, friends and family get together to celebrate the guest of honor's first time receiving the blessings of Christ through wine and bread. Although it's important to keep the party reverent and mindful of the occasion, you'll want to select a few party games guests of all ages can enjoy to liven up the atmosphere.


Select Games For A First Communion Party

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Step 1

Take a look at the guest list to see how many children will be attending and make a note of their ages. Catholics usually give First Communion to youth of around six, but that doesn't mean that all the guests are first-graders. You may have to divide the group into older and younger kids and put someone in charge of each group.


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Step 2

Find out whether you will be playing inside or outside and how much space you will have. Have plenty of active and quiet games ready to go. It's better to have too many games than not enough.

Step 3

Write down some games that you played as a child. and think of any way they can be changed to reflect First Communion. For instance, a simple switch to Christian music (preferably some that the kids know and can sing) and musical chairs ties in with religious experience. Little ones might also enjoy a serpentine "Follow the Leader" parade around (and around and around) the room to Christian music.


Step 4

Visit sites like Improv Encyclopedia find a wide assortment of activities and games that can be used with Christian themes (see Resources below). For example, "Accepting Circle" and "Finger Applause," both imitation games, might be examples of Christian unity, while "Turning Circle," a game with sudden reverses, might represent the decision to follow Christ.


Step 5

Come up with Bible trivia and quizzes for a quieter game. The Bible Study Games website has numerous games you can select for a first communion party, including "Who Am I" and "Fill in the Blanks" (see Resources below).

Step 6

Feel free to play games without religious themes, too. Tag, hide and seek, children's trivia, word, picture or pantomime games are usually popular with kids of all ages. There are also commercial games that are fun for both children and adults, such as "Kids vs. Adults" and "Scattegories."


If the children really take to particular game and want to play it over and over, let them. There is no rule that says you have to get through every game in the bag. Consider doing a simple craft with the children, such as making a cross bookmark.


Watch for children who have trouble keeping up physically or mentally. Make up a variation so these children can also succeed or give them simple, yet important, tasks like keeping score.


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