6 Chemical-Free DIY Solutions to Cleaning Your Bathroom

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6 Natural DIY Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Oh, a dirty bathroom. It's a grimy, smelly, dirty space that we've been conditioned to clean with chemicals. But, listen up: you don't need bleach to get a germ-free space. Instead of reaching for that classic jug the next time your bathroom needs a refresher, keep it in the cupboard and grab these all-natural solutions in its place. From distilled white vinegar and lavender essential oil, to vodka and baking soda, you can mix together familiar products that will battle everything from mildew to mold. Here are 6 options to use when you want to a clean bathroom without the harsh chemicals.

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Go Back to Basics on Your Floors

Even when you're working with a strong cleaning product, it still takes serious elbow grease to work on your floors, right? When you make this baking soda and vinegar cleaner, you've got the two ingredients you need to clean and remove stains easily — no sweat required. Plus, the essential oil additions make for a fresh, smile-inducing scent.

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Keep Your Toilet Clean in a Flash

There are always those moments when you need to quickly spruce up the bathroom before guests arrive. For those moments — and really, for anytime between deep cleans — you can make natural 3-ingredient toilet bowl cleaners. Just throw one of your pre-made toilet bombs into the bowl and scrub with a brush while it fizzes that porcelain clean.

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Don't Forget the Small Spots

Even if you're doing a quick sprucing up, it's important not to ignore the details. Clean the shower head with these four products, which you already have at home, and you'll see results in under an hour. It's an easy spot to overlook, but a clean shower head can make a huge difference in appearance and functionality.

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Bleach is Not Mold's Only Enemy

Again, step away from the bleach: there's a natural way to safely and effectively clean the mold that may creep up in your bathroom. To kill it (and its mildewy smells), you just need one strong ingredient: vodka. Here's the tutorial to teach you how to kill mold with vodka, and you'll never have to worry about breathing in bleach fumes again.


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