DIYs For Every Room In Your Home For Under $50

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Are you looking to add some style to your home, but don't think you have the money to purchase the pieces you see in your dwell magazines? Think again and DIY your own design-worthy pieces for under $50!

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Floating Shelves
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For the Family Room: Build Easy-To-Make Floating Shelves

If you need some extra space, build these floating shelves for a chic look in your family room. Add a plant, photos or a design piece to show off your personal style.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman
Floating Shelves
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For the Kitchen: Style Shelves for a Chic Bar Cart Look

If you're dying to add a bar cart to your kitchen but don't have the space, create the same trendy look using floating shelves and a cheap table.

Image Credit: Summer Hogan
Wine Rack
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For the Dining Room: Add a Touch of Sophistication With a DIY Wine Rack

Guaranteed to add class to any dining room, this DIY wine rack doubles as a decor accent and a way to show off all your cool wine bottles.

Image Credit: Carrie Waller
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For the Walls: Create a Patterned Accent Wall Without Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be pretty risky, but this DIY lets you add an accent wall with only a bowl and a gold Sharpie! It's so easy, you have no excuse not to add some style to your walls.

Image Credit: Summer Hogan
Measuring Stick
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For the Kid's Room: Make a Wooden Measuring Stick Growth Chart

Make something you and your children will cherish as they grow up. Keep track of their milestones with a DIY growth chart that's easy to make and transportable, so you don't ever have to worry about painting over it or leaving it behind.

Image Credit: Bethany DeVore
Moroccan Blanket
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For the Master Bedroom: Add Style With a DIY Moroccan Wedding Blanket

You don't have to pay $300 for an authentic Moroccan Wedding Blanket when you can DIY your own for under $50! It's easy to make and adds a romantic look to your bedroom.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman
Bath Caddy
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For the Bathroom: Make a Rustic Bath Caddy

Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with this bath caddy made out of reclaimed wood. Bonus points if you add the built-in wine holder.

Image Credit: 17 Apart
Outdoor Bench
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For the Backyard: Make an Outdoor Bench With Cinder Blocks and Wood

All you need are some concrete cinder blocks and wood posts, and you can make this awesome outdoor bench, no tools required!

Image Credit: Sarah Hamilton
Wooden Table
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For the Deck: Build an Easy-To-Make Wooden Table

This easy-to-make table can be done in only a few steps with one quick stop to your hardware store. This DIY is sure to impress all of your guests (and save you money!).

Image Credit: Summer Hogan


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