10 Mid-Century Modern DIYs to Give Your Space a Retro Update

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Mid-century modern DIY collage
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Are you coveting mid-century modern décor, but not sure how to get the look for a reasonable price? With this collection of DIYs you can enjoy modern style even if you're on a tight budget (because quality design and affordability shouldn't be mutually exclusive). If you're a DIY novice, don't worry -- there's no prior woodworking or power tool experience necessary to create these handmade home goods.

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Faux cross-stitch lamp
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Faux Cross-Stitch Lamp

All you need to make a retro-inspired light fixture is a plain lampshade, fabric paint and a little ingenuity (or our free downloadable template). We won't tell anyone you didn't buy this expensive-looking shade from Anthropologie. But you'll be so proud of the finished product, you'll probably want to inform them yourself.

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Fabric art wall hanging
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Fabric Wall Hangings

Add a pop of color to your space with thrifty fabric wall hangings. Be sure to opt for fabric in bold geometric prints to really nail the mid-century modern look. Complete with a minimalist wood support and decorative brass chain, displaying your DIY art is simple, stylish and, not to mention, renter-friendly.

Image Credit: Carrie Waller
Embellished faux antlers on coffee table
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Embellished Faux Antlers

Quirky accessories make all the difference in creating a well-styled space that looks and feels pulled together. Add a bit of rustic-yet-refined charm to your coffee table with embellished faux antlers. Customize with paint colors that complement your décor to create a piece that's unique to your space.

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Mid-centruy modern plant stand
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Plant Stand

Instead of purchasing an expensive planter from a high-end chain, make your own for a fraction of the cost. This minimalist design is not only ideal for achieving the mid-century modern look, but also for beginner DIYers. Trust us, it's easier to make this home accessory than it may look.

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Modern kitchen shelving
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Modern Shelving

Gilded brackets and sleek white shelves elevate your shelving solution from ordinary to eye-catching. The gold accents recall mid-century modern home accessories without being overly gaudy. We recommend styling with bar accessories to create a makeshift bar cart in a small space.

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Copper wine rack
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Copper Wine Rack

Display your vino in an Arthur Umanoff-inspired wine rack. Made with wood, copper piping and leather, this project is simple enough for novice makers, yet the sleek design will have everyone thinking you operate your own Etsy shop. Even if your wine is Charles Shaw, you deserve to have an expensive-looking wine rack.

Image Credit: Cameron Oden
Eames hook rack
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Colorful Hook Rack

Create an Eames-inspired hook rack to hang your odds-and-ends in style. Authentic versions can go for hundreds of dollars on eBay, but you only need a wall-mounted hook rack, colorful paint and wooden beads to get the look on a dime.

Image Credit: Carrie Waller
Sunburst mirror
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Sunburst Mirror

All that glitters is not gold (in this case, it's spray painted barbecue skewers). Create your own mid-century-inspired sunburst mirror using an inexpensive mirror and a few craft store supplies. It's so easy to assemble that you can easily make it in an afternoon while enjoying a Netflix marathon.

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