DIY Sophisticated Classic Projects to Upgrade Your Space

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Sophisticated classic projects
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Trends are great in small doses, but if you subscribe to the belief that home décor should be timeless, these elegant DIYs will be right up your alley. Let your home exude the kind of refinement you've been eyeing in magazine spreads, without breaking the bank.

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Ginger jar lamp
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Upcycle a Traditional Jar Into a Ceramic Lamp

A ginger jar might be a little too old-school for you to leave as is, but once it's turned into a lamp (perfectly offset by a modern shade), you'll be thankful you didn't bestow it to a nearby consignment shop.

Image Credit: Bethany Devore
Marbled art
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Create a Masterful Piece of Art

You don't have to fork up hundreds of dollars to nab a piece of modern art for your home. Shaving cream (don't question it) and food coloring blend to create a gorgeous marbled design in which no two are the same.

Image Credit: Bethany DeVore
Gold spherical object
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Replicate a Sculptural Object

Creating the illusion of a pricey brass objet is as easy as shaping some vinyl tubing. Perch on top of a stack of books or display it on your shelf for a decorator-inspired touch.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins
White cube wall planters
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Attach Modern Podiums for Your Plants

Add dimension to your walls and also keep plants out of kids' and pets' reach with these painted wood blocks. They'll be home to delicate air plants and succulents, but also a sophisticated stage for any decorative objects you want to show off.

Image Credit: Carrie Waller


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