How to Make a S'mores Bar

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There's nothing better to kick off the fall season than a s'mores bar for the kids. Build a perfect s'mores bar that will have all the neighbors begging for an invitation.

S'mores bar
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Things You'll Need

  • Graham crackers

  • Marshmallows

  • Chocolate

  • Marshmallow roasting sticks or skewers

  • Chalkboard tags and labels

  • Serving platters, cups and baskets

  • Doughnuts or an alternative snack

  • Beverage of your choice such as milk or hot chocolate

  • Napkins and wet wipes

S'mores bar essentials
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Step 1: Use Pretty Accessories

Choose accessories that are functional and stylish. A three-tiered platter is perfect for holding the s'mores ingredients and a chalkboard easel adds a fun style. Baskets and pretty dish towels add texture and pattern to the bar, and fresh flowers complete the look.


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Chalkboard labels
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Step 2: Build Your Bar

Layer your essentials on your serving platters and dishes and arrange them on the bar. Start with the s'mores sign, then plates, then your ingredients. Include napkins, utensils and beverages at the end of the line.


Arrange the goodies
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Alternative snack and drinks
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Step 3: Offer an Alternative

There is sure to be a guest who doesn't like s'mores or has an allergy, so it's always a good idea to serve an alternative snack option. Doughnuts or fresh fruit are perfect additions to ensure no guest misses out on a sweet treat.


Serve an alternate snack
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Step 4: Quench Their Thirst

Beverages are a must-have and a glass of cold milk pairs perfectly with warm s'mores. Hot chocolate with fun toppings is another great option, especially if you live in a colder climate.



Include beverages
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Step 5: Prepare for Sticky Hands

Keep napkins and wet wipes handy because these treats can be messy!



If you don't have access to a fire pit or another flame, s'mores are easy to make in the microwave. Place the graham crackers on a microwave safe plate, put the chocolate on next, then top with a marshmallow. Put them in the microwave for 10 seconds (or less) until the marshmallow starts to grow. Make sure to watch them so they don't explode. Pull them out and put the graham cracker on top and press.

Microwavable s'mores
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Step 6: Serve and Enjoy

Whether you cook your s'mores on an open flame or in the microwave, s'mores are always a winner and your kids will be thrilled.


Serve and enjoy
Image Credit: S'mores Bar


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